Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil

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If you’re a fan of quick, flavorful, and satisfying meals, then this Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil recipe is just what you need. Packed with vibrant colors and aromatic herbs, this dish will transport you to the sunny countryside of Italy. Perfect for busy weeknights or lazy weekends, this recipe is a testament to the beauty of simplicity in cooking. So, let’s dive in and discover how to create this delightful culinary masterpiece in no time!

Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil

Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil

This is a delicious and popular dish that combines Italian flavors and ingredients. Let’s delve into the origins, cultural significance, and some interesting background information about this delectable dish.

Gnocchi itself is a traditional Italian pasta made from potatoes, flour, and sometimes eggs. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Roman times when a similar dumpling-like dish was made. However, the modern version of gnocchi, as we know it today, originated in northern Italy, particularly in the regions of Lombardy, Piedmont, and Veneto. These areas are known for their rich culinary traditions and the use of staple ingredients like potatoes.

Cultural Significance:
Italian cuisine holds a special place in the culinary world, and gnocchi is no exception. Gnocchi dishes are often associated with family gatherings and celebrations in Italy. Many regions of Italy have their variations of gnocchi, reflecting the diverse culinary heritage of the country. It is often served on special occasions like holidays and feasts, bringing people together to share a comforting and satisfying meal.

Interesting Background Information:
The addition of pesto, peas, and basil to gnocchi adds an extra layer of flavour and freshness to the dish. Pesto is a classic Italian sauce made primarily from fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil. It originated in the Liguria region of Italy, famous for its basil production. The vibrant green colour and aromatic taste of pesto complement the soft and pillowy gnocchi perfectly.

Peas, on the other hand, add a touch of sweetness and texture to the dish. They are commonly used in Italian cooking and are known for their versatility. Peas provide a burst of freshness and a pop of colour, enhancing both the visual appeal and taste of the dish.

Basil, as an essential ingredient in both pesto and garnish, contributes its distinct aroma and herbal flavour. It is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine and has been cultivated for thousands of years. Basil is known for its association with love and fertility in some cultures, and its use in this dish adds an element of symbolism and tradition.

Overall, Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil is a delightful combination of flavours and textures that showcases the essence of Italian cuisine. It brings together the traditions and regional influences of Italy, making it a beloved dish enjoyed by many around the world.

Short history for gnocchi

Gnocchi is a type of pasta that originated in Italy. Its exact origins are unclear, but it is believed to have been introduced during the Roman Empire. The word “gnocchi” comes from the Italian word “nocchio,” which means a knot in wood or a gnarl.

The earliest known written mention of gnocchi dates back to the 13th century, in the writings of Italian poet Giovanni Boccaccio. However, gnocchi likely existed in various forms before that time. Gnocchi was initially made with breadcrumbs, flour, and water, and it was considered a simple peasant food.

Over time, the recipe for gnocchi evolved, and potatoes became a popular ingredient. Potatoes were introduced to Europe in the 16th century after Spanish conquistadors brought them back from the Americas. The addition of potatoes to gnocchi gave it a softer and lighter texture.

Gnocchi gained popularity throughout Italy and became a staple in Italian cuisine. Different regions in Italy developed their variations of gnocchi, using ingredients such as semolina, ricotta, spinach, or pumpkin. Each variation had its unique flavour and texture.

In the 19th century, as Italian immigrants spread across the globe, they brought the tradition of making gnocchi with them. Gnocchi found its way into the cuisines of various countries, including Argentina, Uruguay, and the United States.

Today, gnocchi is enjoyed worldwide and is often served with a variety of sauces, such as tomato sauce, pesto, or cream-based sauces. It can be found in countless Italian restaurants and is also made at home by people who appreciate its delicate texture and versatility.

Despite its long history, gnocchi continues to evolve, with new variations and flavours being created. From its humble beginnings as a simple peasant dish to its present-day status as a beloved pasta, gnocchi remains a cherished part of Italian culinary tradition.

How to make Gnocchi from scratch

Making gnocchi from scratch can be a rewarding culinary adventure. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make gnocchi:


  • 2 pounds (900g) potatoes (preferably starchy varieties like Russet or Yukon Gold)
  • 1 1/2 cups (180g) all-purpose flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 large egg


  1. Cook the Potatoes: Start by boiling the potatoes until they are tender. You can leave the skins on for now to prevent the potatoes from absorbing excess water. Boiling time can vary, but it usually takes around 15-20 minutes. Check if they are done by piercing them with a fork; they should be easily pierced. Overcooking can make the potatoes too watery, so be careful not to boil them for too long.
  2. Peel and Mash: Once the potatoes are cooked, drain them and let them cool slightly. Then, peel off the skins. Using a potato ricer or a food mill, mash the potatoes until they are smooth and free from lumps. If you don’t have a ricer or food mill, you can also mash them with a potato masher, but make sure to achieve a smooth consistency.
  3. Prepare the Dough: Transfer the mashed potatoes to a clean, flat surface or a large mixing bowl. Create a well in the centre of the potatoes. Sprinkle the flour and salt into the well. Crack the egg into the well as well. Gently beat the egg with a fork, and then start incorporating the flour and potatoes into the egg, gradually mixing everything. Use your hands to knead the mixture gently until it forms a soft, slightly sticky dough. Be careful not to overmix, as this can result in tough gnocchi.
  4. Shape the Gnocchi: Dust your work surface with flour. Take a portion of the dough and roll it into a long, thin rope, about 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) in diameter. Cut the rope into small pieces, approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) long. Repeat this process with the remaining dough.
  5. Optional: Create Indentations (Gnocchi ridges): To create traditional ridges on the gnocchi, you can use a gnocchi board or the back of a fork. Hold the fork or gnocchi board with one hand, and with the other hand, press each piece of gnocchi against it while gently rolling it. This will create ridges on one side of the gnocchi, which helps to hold the sauce better.
  6. Boil the Gnocchi: Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Carefully drop the gnocchi into the boiling water, ensuring they have enough space to move around without sticking together. Cook the gnocchi until they float to the surface, which usually takes 2-3 minutes. Once they float, let them cook for an additional 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  7. Serve: Use a slotted spoon or spider strainer to remove the cooked gnocchi from the boiling water, allowing any excess water to drain off. Transfer the gnocchi to a serving dish or individual plates. Toss them gently with your favourite sauce, such as marinara, pesto, or brown butter sage sauce. Garnish with grated Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs if desired.

Enjoy your homemade gnocchi!

Note: If you want to make a larger batch of gnocchi, you can scale the recipe accordingly. Also, keep in mind that the amount of flour needed can vary based on the moisture content of the potatoes, so it’s essential to adjust accordingly

Recipe variations to explore

Here are some recipe variations you can explore for Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil:

  1. Creamy Pesto Gnocchi: Add a touch of cream to your pesto sauce to create a luscious and creamy variation. Simply stir in some heavy cream or half-and-half when combining the pesto with the cooked gnocchi, peas, and basil.
  2. Lemon Pesto Gnocchi: Add a refreshing twist to the dish by incorporating some lemon zest and juice into your pesto sauce. The citrusy flavours will complement the basil and peas beautifully. Add the lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice to the pesto ingredients when blending them.
  3. Roasted Veggie Pesto Gnocchi: Enhance the flavours by adding roasted vegetables to the dish. Toss some diced zucchini, bell peppers, or cherry tomatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roast them in the oven until tender. Mix the roasted veggies into the pesto gnocchi along with the peas and basil.
  4. Bacon and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Gnocchi: For a savory and slightly tangy variation, sauté crispy bacon pieces until golden brown. Then, add some chopped sun-dried tomatoes to the pan and cook briefly to release their flavors. Toss the bacon and sun-dried tomatoes with the pesto gnocchi, peas, and basil.
  5. Pesto Gnocchi with Pine Nuts: Toasted pine nuts add a delightful crunch and nuttiness to the dish. Simply toast the pine nuts in a dry pan until golden brown, and sprinkle them over the finished pesto gnocchi with peas and basil.
  6. Spinach and Ricotta Pesto Gnocchi: Add some extra greens to your dish by incorporating spinach into the pesto sauce. Sauté a few handfuls of spinach until wilted, then blend it with the basil, garlic, Parmesan cheese, and other pesto ingredients. Toss the spinach pesto with the cooked gnocchi, peas, and some dollops of ricotta cheese.

Feel free to mix and match these variations or come up with your creative twists to suit your preferences.

The best kind of drinks that go well with Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil

When it comes to pairing drinks with Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil, you’ll want to choose beverages that complement the flavors of the dish. Here are a few options that can go well:

  1. White Wine: A crisp, dry white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio can be a great choice. The acidity and citrus notes in these wines can cut through the richness of the pesto while enhancing the herbal flavors of the basil.
  2. Rosé Wine: A light and fruity rosé can also pair well with the dish. Look for a dry rosé with bright berry flavors, as it can provide a refreshing contrast to the creamy pesto and add a touch of acidity.
  3. Chardonnay: If you prefer a fuller-bodied wine, a lightly oaked Chardonnay can work nicely. The buttery and slightly toasted flavors of the wine can complement the richness of the gnocchi and the nutty notes of the pesto.
  4. Light Beer: For beer enthusiasts, a light and crisp beer such as a Pilsner or a Pale Ale can be a good match. The clean and refreshing flavors of these beers can cleanse the palate between bites and provide a nice contrast to the creamy gnocchi.
  5. Sparkling Water with Citrus: If you prefer non-alcoholic options, a sparkling water infused with citrus flavors, such as lemon or lime, can be a refreshing choice. The effervescence and zesty citrus notes can complement the herbal flavors of the dish without overpowering it.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love this recipe

  1. Bursting with flavour: The combination of pesto, gnocchi, peas, and basil creates a symphony of flavours that will tantalize your taste buds. The rich and aromatic pesto sauce perfectly coats the tender gnocchi, while the sweet peas add a burst of freshness. The fragrant basil ties everything together, resulting in an incredibly delicious dish.
  2. Quick and easy to make: This recipe is a great option for those busy days when you want a satisfying meal without spending hours in the kitchen. Gnocchi cooks up quickly, usually in just a few minutes, and the peas require minimal cooking time. With the prepared pesto sauce, you can have this mouthwatering dish ready in no time.
  3. Versatile and customizable: While this recipe highlights the combination of pesto, gnocchi, peas, and basil, you can easily customize it to suit your preferences. You can add other vegetables like cherry tomatoes or roasted bell peppers for extra color and texture. If you’re a fan of cheese, sprinkle some Parmesan or feta on top. The recipe is flexible, allowing you to make it your own.
  4. Comforting and satisfying: Gnocchi, with its pillowy texture, is a comforting pasta alternative that feels indulgent yet light. Combined with the vibrant flavors of pesto, the dish is both satisfying and nourishing. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, or guests, this pesto gnocchi will leave everyone feeling warm and content.
  5. Seasonal and fresh ingredients: This recipe utilizes fresh basil and peas, which are at their peak during the summer months. By using seasonal ingredients, you can enjoy the vibrant flavors and nutrients that come with them. It’s a great way to incorporate the best of the season into your meals and fully appreciate the freshness of the ingredients.
  6. Suitable for various dietary preferences: Pesto gnocchi with peas and basil is a versatile dish that can accommodate different dietary preferences. If you’re vegetarian, the recipe is already meat-free. For a vegan option, you can use a dairy-free pesto sauce or make your own by blending basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, and nutritional yeast. It’s a dish that can be enjoyed by many.
  7. Beautiful presentation: Not only does this dish taste incredible, but it also looks visually appealing. The vibrant green color from the pesto and peas, along with the pop of basil leaves, creates an inviting and appetizing presentation. It’s perfect for a cozy family dinner or when you want to impress your guests with a simple yet elegant meal.

These are just a few reasons why you’ll love this pesto gnocchi with peas and basil. Give it a try, and you’re sure to discover even more reasons to adore this delightful dish!

Tips and Tricks for making Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil

Making pesto gnocchi with peas and basil is a delicious and flavorful dish. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make it successfully:

  1. Choose good-quality ingredients: Select fresh basil leaves, preferably from your own herb garden or a reliable source. Use fresh peas or high-quality frozen peas, and opt for high-quality store-bought or homemade gnocchi.
  2. Preparing the basil: Wash the basil leaves thoroughly and pat them dry with a paper towel before using them. Ensure you remove any tough stems as they can make the pesto bitter.
  3. Blanch the peas: If you’re using fresh peas, blanch them quickly in boiling water for about 1-2 minutes until they are bright green and tender. If using frozen peas, thaw them first and skip this step.
  4. Make a vibrant pesto: For the pesto sauce, combine fresh basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts or walnuts, grated Parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt, and pepper in a food processor. Blend until you achieve a smooth and vibrant green sauce. Adjust the seasoning to your taste.
  5. Cook the gnocchi: Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the gnocchi and cook according to the package instructions or until they float to the surface. It usually takes around 2-3 minutes. Be careful not to overcook them, as they can become mushy.
  6. Add the peas: During the last minute of cooking the gnocchi, add the blanched peas to the boiling water. This will heat them through while maintaining their vibrant color and texture.
  7. Drain and reserve some cooking water: Once the gnocchi and peas are cooked, drain them in a colander. Remember to save a small amount of the cooking water (about 1/4 cup). The starchy water can help loosen the pesto sauce and create a silky texture.
  8. Combine the pesto, gnocchi, and peas: In a large mixing bowl, add the cooked gnocchi, peas, and the prepared pesto sauce. Gently toss until the gnocchi and peas are evenly coated with the pesto.
  9. Adjust the consistency: If the pesto seems too thick, gradually add a little bit of the reserved cooking water to thin it out until you reach your desired consistency. Be mindful not to make it too watery; it should still cling to the gnocchi.
  10. Serve and garnish: Plate the pesto gnocchi with peas and basil, and garnish with additional grated Parmesan cheese, a drizzle of olive oil, and a few basil leaves for a fresh touch. Serve immediately while it’s still warm.

It pairs wonderfully with a side salad or crusty bread.

This Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil recipe is a testament to the joy of simple, yet delicious, cooking. With just a handful of ingredients, you can create a vibrant and flavorful dish that will impress your family and friends. The combination of tender potato gnocchi, sweet peas, and fragrant basil pesto is a match made in culinary heaven. So, whether you’re looking for a quick weeknight dinner or a delightful weekend treat, this recipe is a must-try. Give it a go, and let the flavors of Italy transport you to a world of culinary delight!

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Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil

Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil

Easy Pesto Gnocchi with Peas and Basil is a delicious and quick dish that combines the flavors of tender potato gnocchi, vibrant basil pesto, and sweet peas. The gnocchi are cooked until they're soft and pillowy, then tossed with a homemade or store-bought pesto sauce that adds a burst of herbal freshness. The peas are added for a pop of color and a touch of sweetness, complementing the overall dish. It's a simple yet satisfying meal that can be enjoyed as a main course or a side dish.
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Prep Time 4 minutes
Cook Time 6 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Dinner, Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine Italian, Mediterranean
Servings 2
Calories 395 kcal


  • Large pot: A pot with a lid to cook the gnocchi and peas. Choose a pot that is large enough to comfortably hold the gnocchi and peas with room to stir.
  • Wooden spoon or spatula: Useful for stirring the gnocchi, peas, and sauce while cooking.
  • Colander or strainer: To drain the cooked gnocchi and peas after boiling.
  • Cutting board: For chopping the fresh basil leaves and other ingredients, if necessary.
  • Chef’s knife: A sharp knife to chop the basil, garlic, and any other ingredients required.
  • Serving spoon or tongs: To serve the cooked gnocchi with peas and pesto sauce.


  • 1 pound 450g store-bought gnocchi
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen peas
  • Fresh basil leaves to garnish
  • Grated Parmesan cheese to garnish
  • Pesto sauce
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • In a small bowl, beat the eggs with a fork until well combined.
  • Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a large non-stick pan over medium heat. Add the beaten eggs to the pan and cook, stirring occasionally, until light and fluffy. Use a wooden spoon or spatula to break the eggs into small pieces. This should take about 2-3 minutes.
  • Add the pesto sauce to the pan with the eggs and cook over low heat for 2 minutes, stirring gently to combine the flavors.
  • Meanwhile, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the gnocchi and cook according to the package instructions until they float to the surface, usually about 2-3 minutes. Add the peas to the boiling water during the last 2 minutes of cooking time. Drain the gnocchi and peas, then transfer them to the pan with the pesto and eggs. Stir gently to coat the gnocchi and peas with the pesto sauce.
  • Taste the gnocchi and peas mixture and season with salt and pepper as needed. Adjust the amount of pesto sauce according to your preference for flavor. You can add more pesto if you prefer a stronger taste.
  • Garnish the pesto gnocchi and peas with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and torn basil leaves. The Parmesan cheese adds a savory kick while the basil leaves provide a fresh, herbaceous flavor.
  • Serve the pesto gnocchi and peas in individual serving plates. Garnish each plate with additional fresh basil leaves and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese. If desired, drizzle a little extra olive oil on top for added richness. Serve the dish hot and enjoy the delicious combination of flavors!
  • Note: You can also add some sautéed cherry tomatoes or roasted pine nuts for extra texture and flavor. Feel free to customize the recipe to your liking by adding any other ingredients you enjoy with gnocchi and pesto.


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    The addition of the peas to this recipe adds such a great element. I always have peas in the freezer, and gnocchi with pesto is a favourite. A beautiful dish!