Mother’s Day Cake Ideas

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Looking for Mother’s Day cake ideas? In this post, we’ll explore delicious and easy-to-make cakes that are perfect for celebrating moms. From classic flavours to creative designs, these cakes are sure to make her day extra special.

Collage of four Mother's Day cake ideas: Lemon cake, berry mousse chocolate cake, pink crepes cake, and orange cake.

Show Mom your love and appreciation by baking her a homemade cake this Mother’s Day. A cake made with love adds a personal touch to the celebration and creates cherished memories. Plus, it’s a delicious way to honour the special woman in your life!


Making your cake from scratch allows you to control the quality of ingredients, customize flavours to your preference, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something delicious from start to finish. Plus, homemade cakes often taste better and are made with love, making every bite a special treat.

Dark Chocolate Orange Cake

Indulge in the rich flavour of Dark Chocolate Orange Cake. This delicious dessert combines decadent dark chocolate with zesty orange for a delightful treat. Savour a soft poppy seed sponge, moistened with orange syrup, layered with chocolate and decorated with homemade meringues! Perfect for any occasion, satisfy your sweet cravings with this irresistible cake!

Orange Cake

Balancing zesty orange and sweet, crunchy chocolate, this cake is irresistible!

Rich Chocolate Berry Mousse Cake Recipe

blend of velvety chocolate mousse and a burst of fresh berries, all embraced by layers of moist sponge. This cake is perfect for any occasion, from birthdays to Valentine’s Day, graduations or even a wedding celebration.

Chocolate Berry Cake

Soft and moist chocolate sponge pairs perfectly with the light and fresh chocolate mousse and the berry sauce. 

Berry and Cream Pink Crèpes Cake

This cake consists of thin layers of crêpes and smooth mascarpone crème, finished to perfection with berry sauce and chocolate ganache. A sweet treat perfect for any occasion!

Crepes Cake

This cake consists of thin layers of crêpes and smooth mascarpone crème, finished to perfection with tangy berry sauce and smooth chocolate ganache. 

Lemon Layer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Indulge in the zesty delight of our Lemon Three Layer Cake, complete with creamy cream cheese frosting and tangy lemon curd. This exquisite treat is adorned with edible flowers and is the perfect center-piece for any celebration. Elevate your dessert game with this show-stopping creation!

Lemon Cake

A moist and tender sponge infused with lemon zest and a hint of sweetness.

Get inspired with these simple Mother’s Day cake ideas! Treat Mom to a delicious homemade cake showing how much you care. Celebrate her special day with sweetness and love!

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  1. What a beautiful collection of recipes – thank you for the inspiration!
    I love the look of the Lemon Layer Cake – lemon is a favourite of both mine and my mother 🙂