Discover the art of cooking Romanian food with our easy-to-follow recipes. From traditional Romanian dishes to local cooking techniques, explore the tastes of Romania in your own kitchen.

Romanian Food Recipes: cabbage rolls called sarmale

Our recipes are easy to follow and packed with ingredients that are sure to make your meals stand out. From comforting classics to exciting new ideas, there’s something here for everyone. So grab your apron, fire up the stove, and let’s get cooking! Dive in, explore, and find your new favourite main dish today.


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Romanian cuisine is a rich tapestry of flavours and traditions. It blends influences from Balkan, Turkish, Hungarian, and Austrian culinary traditions to create hearty and flavorful dishes. Traditional Romanian cuisine features dishes like sarmale (cabbage rolls), mămăligă (cornmeal porridge or polenta), ciorbă (sour soup), and mititei (grilled sausages), each reflecting the country’s diverse cultural heritage and agricultural abundance.

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The Most Delicious Traditional Romanian Dishes

It was difficult to choose just a few traditional Romanian dishes for this guide. Growing up eating mostly traditional food, I remember countless delicious dishes that warmed me in winter and cooled me in summer.

Nothing beats a hearty pork stew on a chilly winter afternoon. Likewise, enjoying fresh telemea cheese with red onions and smoked lardons on a balmy summer evening, followed by a cold slice of watermelon, is simply unbeatable.

We hope you’ve found a new favourite among our Romanian recipes. Whether you’re into hearty stews, comforting soups, or vibrant salads, there’s something here for everyone. Ready to try them out? Explore our collection and start cooking delicious Romanian dishes today!

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